Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Natural dyeing, Leaf prints and India Flint

Leaf print sampler - not my work

I bought this piece of fabric at an exhibition some time last year as a reminder of a natural dye technique that really interested me. I don't recall the artists (terrible I know) but I do recall it was a group of 3 (I think) artists from the Wangaratta area of Victoria, who had worked together to create these amazing pieces of fabric using leaves placed on damp fabric that was then rolled up and steamed. It remember thinking that this is definitely something that I'd like to try (I know, add it to the list!).

The idea has been simmering in the back of my mind ever since and now that I've discovered this book by India Flint my interest has been rekindled.

Ecocolour is a fabulous book full of luscious pictures and dyeing recipes, but one that really gets you thinking. India's concept is to use ecologically and ethically responsible fabrics, dyes and mordants to create colourful garments and cloth.


Purple Missus said...

Love the fabric and thanks for pointing out this book. Now on my way to Amazon - looks really interesting.

Sarah E. said...

I gotta get a copy of that book (seen others recommend it), and I LOVE the fabric!!

tumbleweed said...

thanks for saying such nice things about my book!
best wishes
India (a.k.a. tumbleweed...)