Monday, September 29, 2008

Grinning like a Cheshire Cat!!!

I had a comment from India Flint about this post where I gushed over her new book Eco Colour!! How cool is that - Hi India!!

Jeana and I were talking at the forum about how it's hard to think of the authors of all of those fabulous books that we pour over (see my library over there on the left) as "real people" and how amazing it would be to be in a class tought by someone who's work we'd admired in books. So imagine my suprise when I got home to see a comment from India.

Simarly I had another conversation (again at the forum) with another of the ladies who I'm exhibiting with at the moment who attended a class by June Dunnewold. She was telling me that one of our tutors from TAFE where we studied textiles, Tony Dyer also attended that class. Tony has works in the National Gallery of Victoria and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

It seems that we never stop learning no matter how accomplished we might be.

I think it's also interesting that several artists whose work and books I admire also blog. Here are a couple...

India Flint (aka Tumbleweed) blogs at Not all those who wander are lost and Winterworks as well as being a team member for Tinctoria Australis and Window on White

Maggie Grey, author of whole list of books, blogs at Magstitch

Jane Dunnewold author of Complex Cloth and blogs at HeArtCloth Journal

Dale Rollerson, owner of the Thread Studio, teacher and author blogs at Downunderdale and Surface Tension Book

That's all that I can think of at the moment and I am sure that there are more that I haven't discovered yet. Have fun browsing these and let me know of others that I should add to my list.

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jeana said...

oh - wow- thanks for all those links!