Friday, October 05, 2007

Mosaic Mural

I came across this on the Aus_NZartquilters list and had to share.

Remeber I was looking at photomosaics as inspiration for one of my exhibition peices. Well here's an artist who does art mosiacs in the same way - Lewis Lavoie.

What I love most is how they are created.

Basically (although there's nothing basic about it really) he prepares a series of panels that other artists then paint. The artists don't know what the final image is so they are not influenced by it.

Have a look at the mural at this link and then go to this link to see how he does it.

It's quite ingenious really - by giving the artists a base, and some loose guidelines (colour, tone or shape) Lewis is able to reassemble the artworks to make the originally planned image.

Perhaps this is how I could look at making my mosiac (without the element of surprise of course). Choose and image, blow it up, cut it up, create individual artworks and then reassemble them.

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