Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dyeing yet again plus something random.

The ironing is coming along.... slowly... I haven't had a lot of time this week but each morning when I iron my clothes for work I do a few bits of fabric as well so the ironed pile is started to grow.

I neglected to mention that the other hard-part at this stage is untangling them. Because I dried them in the dryer (because I would have been blown over the fence as well as all of my beautiful fabrics if I attempted to hang them on the line) they are all tangled into a nice mess of fabrics and frayed threads.

But all that (untangling and ironing) is all just part of the fun of dyeing. As Trish said in her comments "think of it as an opportunity to daydream". I do find it interesting, because it's during the ironing that you find some really intersting colours and lines and shapes that you may not see when you look at a pile of ironed fabric.

And because I hate a blog post without pictures.... Here's some photos taken from inside the car whilst in a car wash - I love the patterns and shapes and lines the soap made as it streaked down the windscreen (B thought I was very weird!!)

Soap on the windscreen in the carwash

In the carwash

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Lex & Judy said...

IRONING ... never thought I'd hear you say you liked ironing.
You certainly have an eye for finding interesting patterns, shapes, colours etc everywhere ... what Pete might call - an artist's view of the world!! Keep looking!