Friday, September 14, 2007


Anna from Serendipity gave me the answer to yesterday's question. The pictures are called photograph mosaics or photomosaics.

I'm sending Anna a fabric postcard to say thanks!!!

This is what I was talking about...

(you can download these as wallpaper for your desktop at:

Now that I know what they're called I've found heaps of links.

This one is particularly impressive - Infinitely zoomable photographic mosaic - its a photomasaic that just keeps going on and on and on. When I saw the first picture I couldn't imagine that it was a mosiac, but I was wrong!! note: it needs a flash player to view.

There are also heaps of programs that let you create photographic mosaics using your own photographs. My head is reeling with the possibilities!!


neki desu said...

have you tried this link?

you can turn any photo into mosaics a la David Hockney.

neki desu

Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks for the links!