Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've been so busy Journalling that I've forgotten to blog!

Everyday on the train trip to and from work I dig out my sketchbook and start scribbling away, making thumbnail sketches and notes. The other day I had to buy myself a pair of scissors and some sticky tap so that I could stick all the pictures I'd printed out and I just couldn't wait till I got home!. I find that by doing this in the morning, I keep thinking about it all day and store up ideas till the trip home where I just can't wait to add them.

There is no organisation in my journal and that is the way I wanted it - if it was too planned and rigid, I'd be afraid to scribble and draw and make notes. At the moment I'm playing out lots of different ideas to see where they lead. I'll work on an idea for a day or a couple of days or sometimes just a few minutes, change to another, and come back to the first again if something else comes up.

I have a brainstorming page at the front where I put words that relate to the theme and questions to follow up. I also have a page at the back where I'm listing my 'ideas' or 'formats' (eg. series, large hand embroidered work, postcards, fabric book etc) as they come to me so I don't forget them. Then when I need a start I turn to those pages and pick something to start designing.

Unfortunately for my readers, this means that there are no pictures at this stage, but I'm working up to it. My latest sketches are leading into something that I will be able to work at on the train, so I'm gearing up towards that for next week.

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