Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Getting creative...

This week, instead of taking a book on the train (yes I did finish last weeks book - it was a great read!) I've taken a sketch-book. T

he Phoenix group that I studied with and have exhibited with twice are putting on another exhibition. It's not until next year (April I think) but we've been planning for some time and it's about time I got motivated and started creating for it.

I decided that instead of making notes on scraps of paper and then losing them, I'd make a good attempt at a visual journal for this exhibition. I'm going to try to just add to it as ideas come and not be concerned about how it looks. I'm looking at it as my notebook and a resource for when I get stuck. - My usual way is to start a sketchbook but then because I want it to look good I end up not using it and it gets added to the pile of sketchbooks with just the first few pages used.

I've also decided that for the most part I'm going to use a black ink pen and not be afraid to make a mark.

So far I'm doing OK. Some of my sketches are really bad, and some are OK. Nothing is brilliant, but all I want is some ideas and to plant the seed. I'm finding that as I jot down an idea and start to sketch it out (either with words or drawings) that I'm lead to other thoughts and ideas. I'm finding that I'm getting excited about the theme again too!

I'm planning on doing quite a bit of hand embroidery, so as my ideas form into something more solid I'll be able to put the sketchbook aside (but keep it in the bag) and get stitching on the train as well....

That is the intention - I've made it public - now lets see how I go!

And finally, because I haven't posted any pics for a while here is a hint at our theme - can you guess?

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Aussie Jo said...

Hi Sophie,
When and where are you exhibiting??