Thursday, September 27, 2007

Geelong Fibre Forum Open Day

Saturday is the Open Day for the Geelong Fibre Forum and I'm going to be there. For those of you who don't know/haven't been, the Geelong Fibre Forum is a week-long workshop organised by TAFTA (The Australian Forum for Textile Arts) and is held at the Geelong Grammar every year. I drool over the class list every year but have not yet managed to get the week of work to attend. I do however make a habit of going to the open day.

The open day is the Saturday after the workshops are finished. It's the one chance that the public (ME!) get to go and see the work produced by all of the artists over the previous week, spend money at the traders hall (books, wools, silks, papers, beads, kimonos, paints, dyes, handbags, and lots of more scrummy stuff!!) and the Heathen's bazaar (goods made by the tutors and attendees of the forum).

The only problem is time. The open day lasts for 3 hours only. 3 hours, to look, spend, look, spend, drool, spend, admire and catch-up with other's you know who've come to do the same!

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Arty Lady's blog said...

I missed it this year (unfortunately I haven't been able to attend any of them) because I was away for the weekend. I am aiming for next year.
Please tell us if it was good and what you saw and bought.