Friday, September 28, 2007

Dyeing resources

Now that I've started thinking and blogging about dyeing I'm itching to get and do it. Hopefully the weekend will bring good weather - otherwise I'll be setting up in the laundry.

On a side-note the rest of Geelong is also hoping for good weather too as the Geelong Cats have made the AFL Grand Final. If they win (which I wouldn't mind considering Brisbane is nowhere to be seen!) it'll be the first time in in 44 years.

So back to the dyeing. I thought that I'd point you to some of the resources I've found about dyeing; including books, online tutorials, etc...

This is all based on Procion dyeing because that's what I use most.

Books, DVD's etc

The book that started me off with my dyeing is Dyeing in Plastic Bags: no mess no fuss just Great colours by Helen Deighan. This book gives clear, simple, easy to follow instructions for preparing the dyes and recipes and for colour mixing that are measured and repeatable. I liked that the author was clear about how much dye, water, chemicals etc are required as opposed to some books that are a bit unclear as to quantities (which makes sense as you know more but when you’re starting out you want quantities).

I also found the Patchwork Interactive DVD Hand Dyeing and Batik for Beginners and the CD Dye and Another Day both by Michelle Steele very useful too. In both of these products Michelle walks you through the process of making up the dyes, measuring it out, various ways to add the chemicals (before, during, after) and techniques for creating some great colour variations.

Other books that I find great to read and that are full of fabulous ideas and wonderful pictures are:
o Colour by Accident (Low water immersion dyeing) by Ann Johnston
o Colour on Cloth by Ruth Issett
o Dyeing for Fibers and Fabrics by Janet De Boer (of TAFTA who is one of the organisers of the Geelong Fibre Forum) – not as colourful and exciting but great for technical information on a wide range of dyeing methods.
o Dyeing to Colour by Bailey Curtis
o Complex Cloth by Jane Dunnewold

Another book that I’d love to get my hands on is:
Colour by design (Paint and print with dye) by Ann Johnston
Tray Dyeing by Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn
Breakdown Printing (New dimensions for texture and colour) by Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn

There are others – out there in bookshops and on my bookshelves but these are my favourites for Procion dyeing

Tutorials and Blogs about dyeing:

Fabric Dyeing 101 is a blog that has a wealth of information about dyeing, owning a dyeing business, colour recipes and heaps more

Shirley Goodwin of the blog Dyeing2Design in New Zealand posts about her dyeing days and also has a dyeing business called Tillia Dyes and she has a great e-book tutorial on dyeing here

Melody Johnson of the blog Fibermania has some great how-to's on dyeing called the Lazy Dyer - I don't think it's lazy, I thinks it's great!!

There's another tutorial at Zart Art who sell dyes (among other stuff) here

Freida of the blog A Walk in the Woods does lots of dyeing and just posted about a dyeing day in Indiana - it looks fabulous

Trish from the blog Trishalan Designs sells dyed fabrics and often shows us her dyed fabrics on her blog - there's a post this week about her recent dyeing efforts.

There is also a Dyers Webring where you'll find a whole stack more....

Where do I buy my Dyes?...

Pretty much anywhere I can. I used to buy from Kraft Kolour when they had a shop. That's closed now and they run an online business only. I'm still waiting for that to be up and running properly but in the meantime I'm well stocked from their sell-out sales.

Zart Art now stock Kraft Kolour dyes.

Tillia Dyes in New Zealand have a good range.

Ros Dye - also a blogger stocks procion

The Thread Studio in Perth - great mail order and at the Forum on Saturday

Batik Oetoro in Sydney - Great mail order

That should leave you some food for though. Please ask if you have questions. Remember this is not an exhaustive list - there is heaps of info and resources out there.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Dyeing fabric is so much fun and I know you will have a blast. I hope you have great weather this weekend and dye outstanding pieces. Remember if your pieces do not turn out as you had planned you can overdye them, embelish the, trade with other dyers or use in a round robin.

Arty Lady's blog said...



Two Melbourne teams won finals! Doesn't get much better.

jude said...

just started dyeing, thanks for all the info.