Friday, August 24, 2007

The felted purse in finished and felted.... Successfully!!!!

Felted bag - note the loooong handle I Couldn't wait to get home an throw the bag into the washing machine after having put the finishing touches to it on the train ride home. Yes, I did remeber the before pictures - I even thought to put a ruler into the picture as a comparison. I didn't bothe with measuring though... that would have taken too much time!

Felted purse - before felting

Felted purse - after

Inside the felted bag

I think it looks a bit liek a strawberry - both in colour and shape!

I do love this process though. You put it into the washing machine and hey presto - felted bag!

And as promised here are a few more pics of the bag I finished last week....

Bag packed and in use

Inside - all packed (fits the crochet and a book)
More inside the bag

Alternative use for teh phone pocket - perfect size for scizzors and a packet of needles
Bag pockets


Erica said...

The pocket bag looks good - I've been watching it's progress with interest having made several bags myself with lots of pockets - my biggest problem when I'm using them is I can never find WHICH POCKET (grrrr) I've put things in!

Arty Lady's blog said...

It looks fabulous! You've tempted me to try and make a felted back too.

katelnorth said...

cute felted bag - I'm not good at either knitting or crochet, but perhaps something that was going to be felted anyway would be a good place to practice!