Monday, July 30, 2007

Another day in the snow

All these people (and lots more) joined us at Mt Buller yesterday. Despite the people and the flu that I've been battling for the last 2 weeks, it was a good day. It started out sunny and was a pleasant day until about 1pm when the clouds rolled in and the cold with it.

After a tenative start on hard icy snow, I got the hang of it again and the snow softened as everyone ripped it up with skis and snowboards.

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Claire said...

Those lines at Buller are outragous!! Baw Baw had similar lines a couple of weekends ago... but then they only have tows. My knees kill me when waiting.

Hotham last weekend was such a buzz. There were virtually no lines at all :-) I want to get up to the snow again ... perhaps next weekend.