Saturday, April 07, 2007

Where I Live...

Today I went for a drive to St Leonards, a small seasideside town near Geelong in Victoria. Here are a couple of photos I took from the pier.

St Leonards Moorings

St Leondards Pier

On my way home (the long way of course) I dropped into Queenscliff, another gorgeous seaside town. I have a couple of favourite spots in Queenscliff....

  • Barwon Booksellers - a secondhand bookshop set in an old church.
  • The Queenscliff Ice-Cream shop - mmmmm Yuuuuummmm!!!
  • Seaview Gallery - a gallery of local and Australian artsists

and look what I scored today (sorry the ice-cream disappeared pretty quickly)...

I have been eyeing this book off for a while but have shied away from the price. Second-hand prices made it look soooo much better!

Finally, here is some street art that I found in Melbourne on Friday and jus had to share.

Street Art - Melbourne


Maureen said...

How's the househunting going?

bitchinatstitchin said...

I love Queenscliff too Sophie, it will be one place I will miss when I move. My Grandmother and Uncle both have houses down there and I loved the rockpools below the lighthouse as a kid. Mum and Dad have a place at Indented Head just down from St Leonards. Have you ever been to Pt Edwards? that is worth a visit now it is a bit cooler and the snakes are not as active LOL

Elle Kasey said...

Wow, those pictures are phenomenal. I am ready to get on a plane and head over there!