Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm not ignoring you - It's just that...

I haven't had time nor been in the right frame of mind to blog lately. My thoughts and spare time have been wholely consumed by the hunt for a new home - a hunt which is set to continue until A) we find a place that suits our criteria AND B) our application is accepted ahead of the hundreds of others (well maybe not quite that many, but there are lots!!). We have given our notice though so a move is inevitable, it's just a question of where...

I haven't even been able to concentrate on my stitching lately and have lost my way with the joggles classes. Nevermind, I have printed them out and will work through them at my own pace (Soooo much material to get through in a short time anyway!).

I have been doing some planning for some pieces for a group exhibition which I'm starting to get excited about (the pieces that is). The exhibition is not until early 2008 but the way that time is flying I will need to plan ahead!!

This weekend is the Easter long weekend and whilst I hope to get some stitching done, I'm also planning to get some packing done too. I'll try and post something interesting over the weekend but don't hold your breath.

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Trishalan said...

Hi Sophie

I've just started my blog recently. I'm not sure of the protocol about linking sites. Would you mind if I added your site to my creative people area. I think it would be a good match

I hand dye threads and fabrics, design needleowrk charts and stitcheries, make and sell kumhimo kits

I live in Redcliffe Qld.