Friday, March 02, 2007

"What are your plans for the weekend?..."

It's that time of the week when my workmates start to ask "what are your plans for the weekend...". It's with this question that I start to think I live a bit of a double life... So many people just don't understand why I'd want to hideaway at home and sew, create, draw etc... so I tell them I'm having a quiet weekend at home.

So for all of you who might be interested, this is what I intend to make of my quiet weekend at home this weekend....
  • Sunday I have a date with B and the telly! - this is his Sunday off and it's also the first V8 Supercar race for the year - the Clipsal 500. I may also watch a bit on Saturday too 'cause now that Channel 7 have it, we going to get (supposedly) livce coverage, rather than replays at 2am.
  • Try to get a haircut. It's been a while and it's getting long (waaaay tooooo long) and time to "CHOP-IT". I haven't made an appointment because I want to try out a different hairdresser - just don't know the name of it to look up and make one - chances are I won't just be able to walk in, but an appointment for next week is fine too!
  • Finish at least ONE journal quilt!!!
  • Make a start on the Library of Stitches class I'm doing online at Joggles with Sharon from In-a-minute-ago - I'll make the most of our time in front of the telly doing some stitching!

So there you have it - my quiet weekend. Of all of that all that I really mention to others is the V8's, because that's the only bit they'll understand

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