Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday update

Sunday's nearly over and it's back to work tomorrow which means very little (if any) art till next weekend.
So what did I manage to acheive?....

Well I have rediscovered the dining room, and the kitchen and B worked his magic on the lounge. Looks so good - why doesn't it stay that way...

The handbag I mentioned is for my Mum and is very nearly finished - everything except the hand-stitching to close the lining up, and a few stitches in the base to join outside to the inside (which is really fiddly and a pain in the bum but worth it cause it sits better when it's done).

Here's a bad pic of the whole bag. The fabric is actually black with flowers embroidered over it - a suede feel.
Mum's bag
Here's a closer pic - the fabric looks grey but trust me it is black

Close-up of Mum's bag

and here's a sneak peak at the inside (not too close as it's yet to be finished)
Inside Mum's bag

No time for journal quilts but I do plan to work on some ideas over the coming week.


Lex & Judy said...

It's GORGEOUS!!!!! Aren't I the lucky one!!! Thank you sooo much. It will be just perfect.
Love you

Shirley said...

Well, I'm glad your mum loves it...otherwise I'd suggest you send it to me in New Zealand! Well done Sophie.