Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday progress report.

I'm a bit stumped on the kimono quilt. Not being a quilter, I'm struggling with the sandwiching, basting and quilting stage. I have started basting, but don't think that I've done it close enough together and that the fabric will pucker when I quilt it. I was basting because I didn't have enough safety pins to pin it - now I've baught pins and will pull out the stitches and start over.

As for the handquilting, I'm rethinking that too. I did a bit of testing, and because I'm using a recycled blanket as the batting, I think that it's too thick to handstitch. So, back to contemplating how to successfully quilt it on the machine.

The next decision is how to quilt it. Do I 'stitch in the ditch'? or do something else?... If I stitch in the ditch, do I need to do it all?... If I stitch beside the seams (1/4 inch away) do I do that to all seams or can I stitch in the ditch for some of the major lines and stich beside for the smaller squares?.... I don't know - decisions decisions!!!!

As I was stumped on the quilt, I did some other stitching. I have a whole bunch of postcards that I owe, so I got in and did three. These are rusted flannel, with trees stitched in continuous line with free-machine stitch. I added a foreground to the first one, but am unsure whether I like it or not. I like the simplicity of the single line of trees, but am worried that It's too simple... More decisions. I think I'll let them sit on the design wall for a bit and make a decision next weekend.

So now it's off to finish the housework. I am partway through cooking our dinner for the week too. I've got Beef and burgandy pies (the meat is cooked, just need to make the pie shells and cook them), pasta sauce (all we need to do is heat and cook the pasta), a chicken dish for tonight (my favourite spicy lime chicken - oops, just realised I forgot the limes) and I'm not sure what else. Now that should make things easier. (Sorry no pics to drool over...)


sharonb said...

with your quilt - I thought you might like to know that annie blogged the assembly of the katrina quilts in t13 parts

I listed all the links on this post

hope its useful

Nicky said...

I love the little trees in this landscape! And the lime chicken sounds gorgeous!