Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oops... I dropped off the face of my blog....

No I haven't been sick, just haven't felt much like posting. Mostly because I've had nothing to post about. Anyway I'm back.

B and I went to see 2 Jimoen shows as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Both shows were great, but the cooking show was the best. It was a smaller theatre and we had front row centre - fantastic seats!!

I had a playday with the girls last weekend. We did bookbinding. When I can lay my hands on the camera I will take a picture to show you what I made.

This weekend I've been re-vamping my wardrobe. No I havent' been shopping, I've been sewing. So far I've made 2 T-shirts and am about to cut out a couple more. So easy to make - and would be even easier if I had an overlocker. Again pictures when I can find the camera.

As for the natural dyeing - I still haven't had started that yet. I've gathered a few peices of wool fabric and some balls of pure wool to try, just have to plan my weekend out. I had every intention on doing some today, but the weather has turned wet, and I was planning to work outside. I promise I will keep you posted when I do give it a go.

That's all for now. I'm off to do the dishes and get started on lunch/dinner and hopefully some dinners for the next week.

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