Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday update

I had a lazy day yesterday. I was awake early to take B to the train and thought I'd use the opportunity to get up and get moving. Instead I ended up on the computer until 11am, by which time it was definitely time to get going - out to Torquay for lunch. We had a lovely lunch, hot vegie soup warm scones and toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. Reminded me of a weekend lunshtime at home with Mum and Dad - toasted sandwiches were a favourite of ours.

After lunch I wandered through the shops at Torquay. I'm in need of winter clothes that a) fit and b) aren't worn to shreds. JACKPOT!! I found pants and jeans that fit and were comfortable AND were reasonably priced!! I also found a really warm coat which will be great when it really gets cold. K-Mart also had a sale on ladies wear so I picked up a couple of nice t-shirts so that should keep me clothed for a little while. Now I can do some wardrobe culling and throw out the clothes that are beyond repair.

Right now I'm at work - guess I should finish this and get started... I'm finishing at lunch time to go the exhibition. I've forgotten to bring my camera, so I'll see if I can get some quick pics with my phone or beg someone else to send me some of their photos. One way or another I'll show you some of the fabulous work there (I haven't seen it yet, but I know it will be fabulous!).

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