Thursday, February 16, 2006

Weekly update

I've been fighting to get on the computer this week (and weekend). B is selling his car so has been spending hours with photos, typing descriptions etc etc etc. This is not the only computer in the house, but it is the fastest and the one with my links and the one with wireless (so you can watch telly at the same time).

I have achieved a few things this week.
  • I finished the scarves that I dyed on Friday - I'm really pleased and will post ics when I have some more allocated puter time.
  • I've almost finished the top of a fused quilt/wallhanging that I've started. I'm working from a pattern with a new fuse (the Misty Fuse I was telling you about) just to try it all out. So far I'm really loving Misty Fuse!!
  • I started my first fabric journal. I've created the pages (blank) and covers (also blank) and will embellish them before I assemble the book. They're all sitting there begging to be stitched into!
  • I've finished a sashiko sampler that I bought in January and had done about 2 rows of. I packed it with me and worked on it on the train as I went to work. This week I've been on the train almost every day so far, so 5 trips, 1 hour each and the sample is done (except neatening up the back - figured I'd leave that for smooth ground!)

This weekend I'm heading out to play but no textiles will be achieved. A couple of the girls from work go on an annual girls weekend (approximately 60 girls) and I was invited along. I'm looking forward to it because my social life is relatively non-existent. So no more posts likely until Monday at least (and beyond because I'll not have anything to show).

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LegendLex said...

Have a fantastic weekend Soph. I guess there won't be a phone call from you this weekend. Just joking.