Friday, February 10, 2006

Take a tour of my temporary studio....

Our house is a rental and so I need to be particularly careful not to mark floors, benches and walls. I have a space for my sewing machine (in the office) but dyeing is another matter. The laundry is small and to get out of it, you need to walk over carpet - not a good idea with dyes. So here is my solution. Move the car out of the garage and hey presto!!! Studio!!!

There's also the courtyard but it was a bit windy today....
But it was good for ironing the devore that I was working on - fresh air and didn't set the smoke alarms off!! MAybe I should iron out here more often - far more pleasant!!

Textile Fibre forum magazine arrived today so I off to read it.

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Jen said...

Hi Sophie,

I'm really intrigued by your dyeing techniques, especially the criss-cross one. Care to share some details about it and what your plans for it are?