Saturday, February 04, 2006


Note to self... carrying ink pens in one's handbag can end in disaster. I discovered this as I sat down for breakfast at a cafe this monrning. As I put my handbag down the camera (also inside the bag) landed on the black ink pen, smashing it (and I mean smashing) with ink pouring all onver my bag, and its contents!! Luckily the mobile was in a side pocket and the camera was only inked on one end without getting into the works. As for the handbag, there jury is still out. It's spent the day soaking in Nappy San and the outside is looking OK, but I have a feeling that the lining will never be the same.

I've been doing some more needle felting today - I've taken pictures but blogger won't upload them today so mosey on over to Flickr to check them out. There's no stitching on them yet, well some, but for some reason the needle keeps glugging up (I think because I used that horrible heat'n'bond to fuse it to the background first), so I'm going to hand stitch them. This time instead of felting flat onto commercial felt, I felted the wool, then applied it to the commercial felt with ridges and bumps in it.

And I got a pressie from my Grandma in the mail yesterday. An address book featuring original dolls by Chris Boston. You can see some of her work here.

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