Saturday, January 07, 2006

Work is done, and artist date

So glad this week is over. I mentioned that it would be busy and that it was - starting at 5 and finishing somewhere around 11 each evening.

Despite this I did manage to start and keep at the morning pages and I must say that even though it was work and not creativity, they were helpful. We were writing a rather important submission and with the morning pages I could clear my head before I started.

Anyway, after a week where work was the primary (only) focus, I desperately needed to me time. After a good sleep in and a lazy morning browsing blogs and websites I took myself off to the National Wool Museum (after a spot of shopping and lunch). There was an exhibition of Melbourne artist Ilka White titled Whitework. As the name suggests it all white. I'd hear reviews from when it was in Melbourne but had missed out so was glad to catch it now. I really enjoyed it. Without the use of colour, the focus was on the design and composition. She had quite a few banner-type hangings using sheer fabrics with images both sandwiched between and stitched onto the outer layers. It was great to be able to walk around then and view them from different angles.

There was also a knitting exhibition on at the same time. Not knitted articles but large scale installations. There was even a basket full of work in progress and visitors were invited to 'knit a few rows'. It's vibrancy and colour was a big contrast and also very inspiring.

Then it was onto an artshop, just 'cause I love them. For me an art supplies shop is what a lolly shop is for kids. This time I came out with a new sketchbook for 2006, a nib-pen, and 2 bottles of ink. I've already used them all.

So inspired was I that I came home and started a new journal for the year making notes of my visit. This is unusual for me, usually I collect info and make notes in my head, but not often do they make it onto a page. I have a tendency to buy new journals and sketchbooks without putting them to very good use - this year I'd like to change that.

Now that I've caught up with myself a little, perhaps I'll try to do re-acquaint myself with my sewing machine tomorrow.


Maureen said...

oh, do Tell All about this submission!
The curious one in Perth.....

arlee said...

I had to stop myself from buying more paper "things"--there's something about a blank page, fresh paper, a new writing/drawing tool--which of course means i have tons and since i just scribble most of my sketches and notes in one, i have tons of empty ones! But now i want to do fabric journals!

Sophie said...

The blank page thing is almost a fetish... Which is why I promised that I would buy only one and am to use it until it's full. So far it's working (hahah it's only been a weekend *vbig grin*)

As for the fabric journals, I think you've hit the nail on the head. I've been pouring over books about journalling and altered books but haven't done anything about it. But fabric journalling mixes the two!!! Can't wait for my book to arrive (early next month).