Monday, January 30, 2006

Looking without SEEing

I've been in Melbourne for over 4 years now and have only today discovered the strangest statue. This statue is in a park which is on my tram route - which for the past 4 months I travelled at least 3 times per week . It is also a park which we pass everytime we go to the city and in my first year here would have passed at least once a week.

The statue I speak of is about 8-10 feet tall brass statue of a man. What's so strange about that I hear you ask? Well this man (I'll have to take a closer look to find out who) is upside down. Yes, the entire statue, including the square block is completely upside down, with his head on the ground and the square block at the top. It has not been tampered with and does not appear to be a new addition - so how on earth did I miss this!!!

Just recently I have been reading Grabrielle Swain's blog Handmaiden. Gabrielle is currently in Melbourne teaching at the Australasian Quilt Convention and has been sharing her journey with us. It reminds me of when I first cam to melbourne 4 years ago and the way I walked around with my eyes wide opening seeing all of these wonderful sights. I'm not talking tourist sights but buildings and graffiti and streetscapes. My parents do the same thing when they visit. Instead of seeing what's in a shop front, they look up and see whats above and around it, or down to look a the paving and mosaic tiles. Reading Gabrielle's blog has urged me to open my eyes again and SEE the world around me, instead of just living in it.

Makes you wonder what else you miss when looking without really SEEING!!!

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Jo in NZ said...

Hey Sophie, thanks for adding me to your sidebar. It's always a buzz to see my blogs name out there. I will go reciprocate. :)