Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!

I wish eeryone who's reading, a very happy new year and hope that it brings greaqt things for you. I've just realised that 2006 is actually a rather scary for me - it see's the end of the 20's and the beginning of the 30's (ewww!!!!).

B and I have had a lovely night. We both worked today and so it was about 7.30pm-ish when we got home. Instead of going straight home we bought a pizza and took it up to the foreshore with all the other families and groups celebrating New Year (still light til about 9ish). It was really lovely and mild after our 43 degree day, and the bay was nice and calm - a perfect evening.

After that we came home for a few hours and then headed out on the bikes (the new bike's virgin ride - apart from the trip home) back to the foreshore for the fireworks. Despite my doubts, I made it in plenty of time and I was still able to stand-up!! The fireworks were OK, but what I really loved was the boats. As the fireworks started, the boats all let of their flares and started their horns, the sound was incredible - you could hear them all around the bay (and it's a rather large bay). To me that was even better than the fireworks!! Oh and the atmosphere was really greattoo!!

I'm off to bed now, to rest my weary muscles - muscles that I'd forgotted existed. Night all!

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arlee said...

Happy new year Soph!!! And you'll love your 30's---they were "watershed" years for me---came into myself finally :}