Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm starting to find my feet..

Things are starting to smooth out since my last post. I have moved house and am now living in a nice 2 bedroom house house with double garage and study. It is much closer to the beach so B is very happy but I am now commuting to work by train which takes quite some time. No matter, once I've unpacked and get myself sorted, I should be able to get in and do some stitching, designing and drawing on the journey too and from work.

I still have some catching up to do and some postcards to get out to my dear friends from Flickr so I'm going to try to put my head down this weekend and get moving on those. That should also give me a chance to do a bit more unpacking and setting up.


arlee said...

WHAHOO! She's back! Was wondering if we should send the dogs out :D

arlee said...

Received mine today! (Nov 14) LOVE it!! Orange.........mmmmmmmmmmm