Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm a baaaaaaaaad Blogger....

I'm still here but only breifly. I've been flat out lately! Flat out with work, flat out on my back sick, and flat out packing up...

Thus I have some pretty swift explaining to do. Especially to all my Flickr friends who are waiting on a postcard. I'm really sooooooo sorry guys, and I am still getting to them (and YES!! you will get your postcard and a little something special as an opology from me for being so tardy),

To be honest I haven't even had time to drop by Flickr to see how everyone is doing - will try and do that soon.

I guess I should explain.

Work... has gone through some pretty frantic times lately. We've had an audit pending which means LOTS!!! of long days making sure that everything is just so. In the end they sprung it on us and did an unannounced audit - YUK!!!

Me... I have spent the past week and a half at home sick. Nothing too serious, but enough so that I've gotten nothing done.

Packing... B and I are moving house!!! We've spent a couple of weeks searching and applyig and hav finally found and been accepted for a house that we really like. We are still renting this time. So the next week I'll be packing so there'll not be much stitching happening till I have the machine and all else set up in the new place - It will, I promise.

Oh and to top it off I've had another job offer and am now working full time in one job and any spare time that I can offer for another business. No, it's not that I need the money, and I was planning on using my days off for creativity, but I need to keep my foot in the door, so to speak.

I also have a new computer!! So no more frustrating times struggling with an old machine. Only problem now... getting off the darned thing!!!

OK, no more excuses! I do promise to all my Flickr friends that I will get back on track ASAP and hope to have your postcards out to you in the next 2-3 weeks. Again I'm REEEALLY sorry!!!!


arlee said...

Hey,Soph, we're all ok with that---life happens as they say when you're making other plans! Do what ya have to; we just kind of wonder when one of us drops below the radar for any length of time :}
All the best busy girl!

Maureen said...

Sophie, hope you're feeling better and that the move goes smoothly. Also that the new job turns up trumps.

Harvest Moon said...

Hi Sophie! I'm glad I just read your blog, because I was somehow worrying about you. Now I know what's up. Don't worry about the cards, but try to get well and all.
Good luck with the job and the house!