Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Thanks all for your comments and congratulations.

Nicky reminded me of another point which I forgot to mention, which also disappointed me. More often than not it's the tutors and their wealth of knowledge that makes your learning experience so valuable. Most (if not all) of them attended our exhibition opening and congratulated us there. The graduation ceremony on the other hand was attended by only one of our tutors who we saw for about 2 minutes in the surge of people leaving the hall. Not that there is any real reason for them to be there, and to top it off most of there are part time (one day per week) so I don't really blame them, but it just didn't feel right without them there - almost like we were intruders. It seemed that a lot of the other graduating classes had tutors present who congratulated them and regaled their achievements. I shouldn't feel jealous, because our exhibition was all of that and more and that is what I will always remember.

Thanks again!!

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