Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Scarves on Order Finised - nearly...

I've had a wonderful 3 days off this weekend (usually it's only 1), and have managed to get some work done that should have been done ages ago.

I've had 2 (maybe 3) scarves on order that I've been putting off because the first one was a fluke and I wasn't sure how I'd manage to re-create it. I think that I did it - well 4 of them! They're batik, so I still need to iron out the wax and then get them dry cleaned, but the hard work is done.

Also knitted 1 scarf, 1 shawl, worked on a third and started 2 more. I can't just have one going at a time - it's always 2 or 3?.... I think so that when I get bored with one I can just pick up another set of needles. I have to finish at least one of these (as it's also on order) and send them off - hopefully by thursday.

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