Monday, April 04, 2005

An unsuccessful dyeing day

I had anticipated finishing my latest batch of batik scarves over the weekend, however of the dozen that I dyed, I'm happy with only 2!

The second colour didn't take over any of the other colours, except the yellow. I tried to do a dark black/navy over some blue/red colours, and a brown/olive over the greenish colours, but alas I still have the original colours.

Perhaps its an issue with the dyes I'm using. I use Procion MX dyes which are fibre reactive. Maybe the problem is that the fibres have reacted with the dye during the first dipping, and then are resistant to colour after that?

When I did the batik workshop last year, I used Napthol dyes, but have been hesitant about purchasing a whole new batch of dye stuffs, and they were a little more complicated - but gave some fabulous colours.

I've been pouring over Ruth Issett's book, Colour on Cloth lately, which has some great techniques which I've been having a go at. I might give some of her suggestions for resist dyeing a go. The other thing that I might try is painting/printing rather than resists.

Of course all of this will have to wait until payday so that I can purchase some more scarves. Although, maybe I might try some of these ideas on calico (Muslin) first - however calico does seem to react differently.


Maureen said...

Sophie, the fibres can only absorb so much dye, maybe the thin silk scarves could not handle any more dyeing. You could paint them with Setacolours over the dyes!

Sophie said...

That was my thinking too Maureen - poor silk fibres are saturated!! I was also thinking about trying a different type of silk paint as you suggested, over the top. Hadn't thought of setacolours. I have a few colours at home, just don't know that I have the ones that I want.

Might see what I've got, and whether I can mix the colours I need, and give it another chance.

Also considered Landscapes, but only until I remembered that they're heat set (microwave or steam) and the heat would melt my wax - disaster!!