Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm inspired!!

The rust dyeing workshop that I attended on the weekend was extremely inspiring and motivating. Rust dyeing really is a simple and effective dye method which produces the yumiest colours and patterns!! It's also quite a cheap technique as all the 'ingredients' can be purchased at either the supermarket or hardware shop.

Can you tell I had a great day!! I've even started a sample book (already!!) to show what I did so that I might be able to replicate the results.

Apparently the longer you leave the fabric damp, the more the rust will grow and the more vivid the colours. Of course we were drying our samples in the sun so that we'd be able to take them home, and I'm too impatient and have washed mine all already, however I did take a strip off each one so that I could compare the differences between washed and unwashed. I've also dampened one peice and will keep it a period of time to see how much more the rust will grow.

This probably isn't make much sense without pics, but they are uploading to Flickr and I'll blog them when I get to work. Speaking of which, it's time for me to go....

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arlee said...

Just so you aren't thinking no one appreciates those beautiful fabrics, i made comments on the Flickr ones!!:>