Thursday, January 13, 2005

Time to stop procrastinating and start doing!!

I've been mulling over where to start, what to do for long enough. I've realised that I managed to do it last year, and so I can do it now, even without deadlines and due dates. Last year I used this blog to set myself goals and then use it as a measure to guage my progress, so that's what I'll do again (sorry - not a great read, but I need to do this to MAKE myself work).

Goals to acheive in the next week (by Friday 21/1/05)
  • Finishing the batik scarves that I started about 6 months ago. This is a priority since Mum has said she'd buy 2 of them when they're done.
  • Sort out my work room so that I can find things and have space to work in.

I'm working almost full time this week, including Sat and Sun, so I've kept it realistic.


arlee said...

good start Soph--and keeping the list and the projects small means faster gratification that can build for enthusiasm for bigger more detailed!

Nicky said...

Very wise words... I think I will follow suit.