Friday, January 21, 2005

I've actually started something!!

I've spent the past three weeks waiting for a phone call about a job that I've applied for (and been interviewed), but alas I've heard nothing. So it's time to move on and start making a few decisions. I've taken up the offer of a few days work iwht a guy I know, and combined that with the work I'm doing with B's Aunty and my Sunday job and I have the equivalent of a full time income. I'm still on the hunt for something better, but this will do for the mean-time.

Anyway onto more important things. I failed my goals last week, but I have now replenished my dye stocks and put my batik scarves in the dyebaths. They should be ready to be rinsed by the time I get home from work tonightk, so pic them for proof.

Whislt at my dye supplier I also asked about discharge dying, rather than using bleach, and splurged and bought the ingredients to give it a go. I've got tomorrow morning off so I'll try it then.

I've also started an altered book and am going to try to do something on it daily (I said try). I'm starting with some experiments to ease myself into it. There's nothing of interest to see yet, but will post pics when I've got something.

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