Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yes!! I'm still alive!!

Been consumed by work of late and haven't had the time nor inclination to play. We got over a major hurdle today at work though (an audit that'd been looming over our heads for the past 2 months) and so I can see my way clear again. I don't know if I've mentioned it but I handed in my resignation last week and will finish up for good in 3 days - enough time to get things in order and prepare a 'bible' explaining how everything should be done, and to spend a bit of time trainig the bosses wife in how everything works.

That takes me through til Monday afternoon, when my holidays start. I will be frantically looking for a new job (desperately waiting for a call about 1 I applied for last week) but do not feel all that concerned. I have some work through a friend for a few months and hopefully by the time that runs out, I'll have found something else. In the mean time, I'm spend some time creating and playing and enjoying.

Speaking of which I'm still waiting to pick up my new sewing machine. The exhibition ended yesterday and because I've been tied up with work I couldn't get there so now I've got to get some time to duck around to dear friends place and collect my goodies.

That's all for me now - off to B's grandmas to nanna sit tonight. Pity, 'cause a trip to the pub for a celebratory drink is what I would prefer.


Anonymous said...

Golden opportunity to get your creative work underway! Good luck with it and have fun with the new machine.

arlee said...

Can't wait to se what you do on your new machine with some timew to play!!! And remember to RELAX over the holidays!