Friday, December 17, 2004

I've got it!!!!

I picked up my new machine yesterday evening. I have set it up and plugged it in and had a quick go - it's fantastic. But get this... i was flicking through the manual and they don't refer to it as a sweing machine, thay call it a "sewing computer" *LOL*

I've already made a list of things that I need to get for it - extended sewing table (can't work on the little bar that is there), and a darning/free-machine embroidery foot. Oh and of course more bobbins, how do they expect anyone to be able to cope with 4??


someone said...

yes the more bobbins the better!

Sophie said...

Wouldn't matter how many I had, I still wouldn't be able to find an empty one when I needed it!! And of course this machine takes different bobbins to all of my other machines - so it's a matter of starting all over again!

arlee said...

One can never have too many bobbins, Soph! I have storage boxes specially made for them (do you have Walmart or the equivalent in Aus cause they're cheap there) and i make sure i have 2 of basic colours always ready to go---nothing worse than running out stitching in the middle of a project and having to fight getting it back into the right spot after reloading!