Monday, November 01, 2004

Weekend Review

I had a very productive weekend.
  • I managed to get 1/2way through the second silhouetted trees project. That leaves the bottom layer to be stitched, 1/4 of the leaves of the second layer to be done, the silk to by dyed and the silk paper to be made. I'm gonna try and finish the stitching tonight and dye the silk, so that it'll be dry by the morning so I can make the silk paper. Then once the paper is layed out and ready, I can dissolve the solvy from the base layer and mount it on the paper. I can also dissolve the solvy on the top layers and lay it out to dry - that way it should be dry and ready for delivery to the framers on Thursday.
  • I'm about 1/4 of the way through joining fabrics for strip #2 - will aim to work on getting the rest of it joined on Thursday

Tuesday is going to be another busy day, as on top of the silhouetted trees tasks, I also need to:

  • mount the fiery figures onto a base (which I'll purchase on my way home today) - and put the finishing touches on them
  • finish the footprints stip and hang (will also purchase a rod for this on my way home)

If all goes well, by Friday I should have 4 peices finished (2 at the framers and 2 ready to go), and will only have strip #2 to complete. This I'll be able to work on at school on Friday (Must remember morning tea on Friday)

It does mean that I'll only have 2 peices to take for the photographer on Wednesday, but that can't be helped. If the second silhouetted trees is done (and dry) I might be able to take it as well.

My lists are getting shorter - but then, so is the time remaining. As of today I now have 22 days (not counting today or the hanging day)....

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