Friday, October 29, 2004

Progress report

My visitors have gone now, so it's time to knuckle down again. I did manage to get the arts-business assignment finished and printed last night so I can hand that in today. I still need to re-do my image-making 2 folder and finish my visual diary and hand that back in, but I'm aiming for next friday to do that.

Goals for next Friday (5/11/04)
  • Ideas and image making folder complete - hand in on Friday
  • visual diary finished - hand in on Friday
  • Silhouetted trees #2 completed and ready to go to the framer
  • mount and finish off wrapped figures - for photography on Wednesday
  • finish footsteps and hang - for Wed photos
  • get strip #2 well underway - strip made, place images and start stitching them
  • put together folder of exhibition peices, showing development and progress (for assessment on Friday) - good thing I have this journal so I just need to go through and find the relevant entries.

Looks like I've got a busy week ahead of me - but there's no choice, the exhibition is on in less than 4 weeks.

It does help that Tuesday is Cup day and I get the day off (and B is working so I can get down to work without feeling guilty)

Wish me luck... I'll need it.

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