Friday, November 05, 2004

silhouetted trees - nearing completion

I'm nearly there!!!

I finished stitching the last of the 3 layers of trees last night and added their fabric borders. This morning I've made the silk paper background and attached the bottom layer (after dissolving the solvy with my fingers crossed and breath held, hoping that it would stay together - it did!)

Now I just need to wait for it to dry and dissolve the other 2 layers (no room to stretch them out just yet as the background is stretched out in the kitchen drying and that's my only non-carpeted space - except the bathroom, which I contemplated this morning but decided against it).

So that's 3 pieces finished (close enough).

Now I need to get moving on the 2nd strip and finish off strip #1 - and I still have 19 days. Actually it's a good thing that things are going so well as I've said yes to some extra work for the next 2 saturdays - hopefully that will pay my framing costs.

Last day of school today. I've got my morning tea (carrot cake) cooling for the shared morning tea that we are putting on for all year levels (to thank them for supporting us and for a last ditch effort to sell raffle tickets and wine). Also going out for lunch today with the tutors so its a good thing that I got paid today.

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