Saturday, November 06, 2004

Pleeeease can I have some sun???

Of course we need the rain, I know that, but can I have just one day of sun so that my silk paper will dry!!!!! I neeeeed it to dry so that I can get it to the framers so that it'll be done on time - the days are disappearing far too quickly.

Between what's left of today and tomorrow (in between shifts), I'm going to attempt to finish the footsteps. That'll leave me with the leaves strip and then I'm done! Oh and the phoenix - I keep forgetting that one ( a small 20cmx20cm peice that we are all doing - our interpretation of the phoenix)

I'm off to do some work - and maybe some laundry so that I can get the dryer going and use that to dry my silk paper (the air blows over it and dries it - not putting it into the dryer)

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