Sunday, November 28, 2004




Cotton flannelette, Embroidery cottons, machine embroidery threads, Chiffon scarf, procion dyes, bleach

Piecing fabrics, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, reverse appliqué, hand dyed fabrics (procion dyeing), bleach dyeing

Like others, my life is a journey. Each element of this piece has been carefully selected to represent specific aspects of my journey up until now. My choice of colours, use of the footstep motif, selection of stitches, even the size and angles of the pieces in the background fabric, all depict different aspects of me and how I was feeling throughout my journey so far.

The story takes you from the safety and structure of school life, through the indecisive and often difficult times of my working life, and onto the creative and more focused period where I am today. These features are shown through the changes in colour, changes in the size and shape of the background strips and the actual stitches used to embellish each footstep.

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