Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Silhoutted trees

Now onto the third layer of trees.  I still need to go back and re-stitch the second layer but the basic shape is there.  Tonight I'm heading over to a friends place to dye some silk for the silk paper background.

I was talking to her last night and talked myself back into the silk paper idea. It is striking and if I lay the fibres right then I'll get a flamey look.  She's also suggested that when I layer the most distant layer of trees on the background that I should use whisps of silk over some of the branches to hold them down.  This would give a flame effect in the distance.

Another idea that we discussed, which I had thought of previously but had forgotten, is to add some wrapped wire branches to the foreground layer and bend them out of the picture.  This then leads to the next question - do I put glass in the frame or not.  Glass makes it more (as my mother would say) "dustable" but would affect the wire.  If I did have glass in the frame I'd need to add another layer of mattboard and block it up a bit to give it a bit more depth.  Another thing to play with.

If all goes well and I do nothing but projects on Thursday I should get this one finished this week.  Not framed of course but I will need to get it off to a framer ASAP so that it will be done in time.  I'll also have to start saving for that one - I can see it costing a small fortune (no glass would make it cheaper!).

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Anonymous said...

Why not do it as a shadow box? Then you would have the depth for extruding wire *and* give it more dimension at the same time--more liker looking out of a deep framed window. It looks absolutely fabulous with those colours and the contrast of the the stitching---awesome!

Arlee http://arleebarr.squarespace.com/designjournal