Monday, October 11, 2004

Exhibition piece #4

True to form I have moved onto the next piece without completing the previous one.  However this time I've skipped right over #3 and dived straight into #4.

#4 is a piece that I've worked in my head so many times it feels as though I've done it before.  In a way I have.  It's an image that I used on the cover of one of my folders one term, but I am developing it further.

Basically the image is silhouted trees one a red/yellow/orange background.  There will be three layers of trees stitched onto soluble vylene, each of a different thickness (thick, thin and in between) to show distance.  The three layers will be mounted over each other with a gap between and placed onto a feiry coloured ground.  I've finished the stitching on one layer and am half-way through the second.  I still have some decisions to make about the ground yet too.  I originally thought a silk paper ground would be effective, but I've been toying the idea of silk painting a backround to add another dimension...  We'll see...

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