Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Exhibition piece #3...

Now that the end is in sight my second piece, my mind now starts to wander into thoughts of my next. My interest in dolls seems to be re-igniting, especially with my discovery of art dolls and the inspiration that I've been getting from art doll quaterly and the yahoo group wildartdolls. Anyway, enough waffle, my idea is this... a life size (or near life-size) self portrait doll??? I'm not sure why, I'm not sure how, but the idea intrigues me. I think that the shock value of such a large piece could be interesting.

I think that the idea started when I was at the Geelong Fibre Forum open day. There was a lady at the bazaar - wish I knew her name as her work was absolutely amazing - who did cloth dolls that were painted with gesso. Some of them (I only saw pics) were so lifelike!!

Anyway, on the way home, my head was a-buzz with thoughts on how I could use this technique. I haven't done any drawings or designing yet, but I'm imagingin a life-size, life-like figure (modelled on me), sitting hunched in a protective pose, naked, but with sections peeling back to reveal the inner self - perhaps images of past, future, people in my life etc...

If the figure were painted with gesso, it would have added strength and structure, and allow some interesting painted effects. The peeled back sections could be the colour and the spark - the creativity - and the skin and the shape/pose could be the life-like aspect that I relish.

Another thought that I've had.... And I'm not sure if it's part of this idea or a new one... is to reflect the people that have helped me throughout life - the supports that have assisted my rise in brilliance!

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