Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The end is in sight!!

I've been working madly on the footsteps project lately.  Every minute that I can spare is spent at the machine or hand sewing.  Of the 13 feet (prints that is) I have 2 untouched and one part-finished (handsewing this one).  I've washed out the dissolvable fabric that I used as a pattern, and have just this morning before work, heated and melted the chiffon scarf. 

It is now stretched out on the lounge room floor again (the only space large enough in our small flat to accommodate it) and the contemplation begins.  It seems that I have matched my colours a little too well and the stitching is blending too well into the background.  But all is not lost yet.  I intended to add some red/orange stitching in the upper part of the piece - signifying the fact that I am coming out of my shell and not afraid to stand out - but I might also add some of that to the middle and some lighter blue threads to highlight sections.

The cut back feet do show up as the cut back layers are at different directions and their colours stand out, however they do need something to bring them all alive.

I also still have to work with the foot that I stuffed up earlier.  After unpicking the heel section, I gave up and cut back the upper section, but still have small bits of paper around the stitching lines, which is slowing being removed with a pin, a pair of tweezers and a lot of patience. 

Perhaps I'll iron it again and hold it against a wall and see what I think. A photo might also help at this stage to see it as others will - I'll post one when I do this.

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