Monday, September 27, 2004

Step by step...

The latest project (I'll have to come up with a name - even a temporary one) is coming along nicely.  I've had a break from it for the past 4 days as B and I have had a break away at the snow, what's left of it, and was given strict instructions that I wasn't to take my "homework" with me, which is fair-enough.  Wouldn't have had any time to do it anyway - had a fantastic time by-the-way!!!

I have now completed the 2nd foot - hand embroidered using blackwork stitches.  I counted them this morning and there are still 11 to go.  But it should be OK as I'll only be hand embroidering one more, the others will be mostly machine stitched.

I'm thinking that I'll give the hand embroidery a break for a bit and machine stitch a couple tonight, so that I can make some faster progress, but first I need to plan them out so I don't stuff them up (they won't be as easy to pull out as the hand embroidery!).  I'm still happy with the progress so far, and am still excited by the whole concept, so I need to get moving before the enthusiasm wanes.  My goal is to get it mostly (if not completely - but I don't want to rush it) finished by Friday!!  Even though I don't have school on Friday, if I make that deadline, I'll be able to show the finished piece and have made a start on the third. 

There is now less than 8 weeks till the exhibition and no time to waste....  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  It's also 5pm and time to go home - so I can get cracking!!  More tomorrow

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