Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Moving at a running pace!!

As I promised I went home and worked like mad on my project.  I did have to stop off at Spotlight on the way to restock on threads - one handfull cost me $50!!!! The price on the head of this baby just went up...again!!!

Anyway, laid out the strip and planned out the remaining 11 foot prints, skipped over the remaining hand stitched print and got cracking on the machining.  I managed to get 4 more stitched last night... Yayyyy!! 5 to go!!

Tonight the aim is to work on the cut-back applique'd prints and start on the last hand embroidered print.  That should get me far enough ahead to almost finish it on Thursday.  My (personal) deadline has now been moved forward, since I've just been reminded that I have a felting workshop to attend on Friday, which should be great fun!

Once again it's 5pm and time for me to skidaddle so I can get into some more inspiring stitching work.  Seeya!

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