Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I remember why I don't cross stitch anymore!!

The first of my feet (on the latest project) is well underway. This one is cross stitch - simple, routine, crafty yet not overly creative, neat, tidy and accurate. I've overlayed some aida (or something to that effect) and will pull it out once finished. It is so tedious though. One foot (size 8) in one colour, plain cross stitch, is slow and boring work. I've nearly reached the end of it and can move onto number 2 - blackwork and some cross stitch (although much larger crosses).

As I move upwards, they should become quicker as I'll be machine stitching a lot of those, just a few more hand stitched ones to do down the bottom first. Can't wait to see that it's worked (that I actually can remove the aida without having to cut any of the stitches. I'll also consider overstitching in some areas to give a bit of depth, but I want to see how it looks first.

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