Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Decision about the fiery figures

I've decided that the intertwining of my figures works and that this is how I will present them.  As I discussed with my tutor, it ties in well with the initial concept (that the elements of fire are equally important and are part of a whole), as well as being pleasing on the eye (with interesting negative spaces), and lastly they will be much easier to attach to the base like this as they sit like that without any support, so it's just a matter of attaching them.

Now to find a base.  I figure a piece of timber, either painted or wrapped in black fabric.  I'm not sure whether to use a flat piece of timber or a block so that they are raised - what do you think??  The block is good as it will raise it when displayed at home (or wherever the purchaser chooses - cause someone's gonna buy it), but this may look a bit odd when on a podium in the gallery.

The other thing - when I photographed it I put up a black background which really made them stand out, so do I make a stand that goes up behind them to provide a black background???  I dunno - gotta make a decision soon - I want it finished by Friday so I can take it to School to show Tony.

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