Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I've been working

Shock! Horror!  This week I have actually had to work!! Whilst at work!!..

Not that it involves any real brain effort.  I have spent the past 3 days (and I'm still here and it's 6pm) punching stupid holes in stupid pages!!!!!!!!

If I knew of anyone getting married I could provide them with ample confetti as I have become the confetti queen!!

Anyway onto my work.  I have begun a second wrap doll after sitting down at the scketch book and making some marks (somebody made this comment in an email recently - 'making marks is often easier than sketching') and came up with a few ideas for poses/stances for my spirits.  Having done this gave them purpose and am now much happier with the result.  I've made this one much skinnier with long legs but she bends into some good poses.  I think I still want to do some more wrapping, and need to find a way to embellish her a bit more, and of course there's still the issue of the head, but I must say she's coming along!

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