Monday, August 16, 2004

Catch up

Long time no post!!  But I have been working!!

The visual diary has halted for now but once my brother leaves I promise to get back into it.  I am going to make myself do a page a night.  That will at least get it done, and perhaps I'll even get into a routine and be able to continue on with one once I've handed the one for school in. 

As for the exhibition projects...  I have an end in sight for one project Yeah!!!!!!!!  My wrap dolls are coming along nicely.  I took them along to school on Friday and showed my tutor.  He seemed quite pleased with them and gave me some ideas about how I could assemble them, which really was my stumbling block - I was happy with the figures and their shapes, I'd even sorted the head/face thing out, just wasn't sure how to present them.  It turns out that the poses that I have them in flows really well when you line them up in a certain order.  So all I have to do now is finish them.  I have one doll finished and have started wrapping the other two with fabric and threads.  I'm going to put them onto a timber base which I'll cover in some way (another thing to add to the to-do list), and whilst I have some ideas on how to actually attach them to the base, getting them to stay and stand properly will probably be a whole other challenge.  I image metal rods, glue, drilled holes, more glue and more wrapping to cover the whole mess up!!

I'm going to try to get the figures (I prefer to call them that than dolls 'cause I've watched people's eyes glaze over when I've mentioned that I was making dolls - they lit up again when I showed the exactly what I meant!) finished by Friday, so that I can start to play with the assembly on the base over the weekend.  I'd love ot have it finished by Friday , but lets be realistic here!!

My ball of trees which I talked about a long time ago and which has also been on hold until now, is my next cahllenge.  I need to get moving on it otherwise all the time I've spent on it already is lost!  I'm still not sure about it.  Part of me likes it, the other part thinks that it's just taking far too long and perhaps I need to move on and do something else.  I'm still toying with the idea of doing it in wool felted over wire or mesh, and think that I really need to give that a try before I get too bogged down.   We'll see...

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