Monday, July 26, 2004


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I think I've finished wrapping.  (This is my prototype so I'm playing around with things a bit)

I'm still not sure if I like it.  I know that it needs some extra threads wrapped around it, so that might hide some of the wrapping a little.  The problem is I don't know what it is that's bugging me about it?? I like the shape, except around the shoulders (looks too much like a body builder for my liking), and I like the effect of the sheers wrapped over the plain fabrics.  I don't like the hands but have fiddled with a twisted copper wire form (perhaps with beads/stones wrapped into the fingers) which I think looks much better.  And perhaps if it had a head it would be better.

The head I'm going to make from polymer clay or paper clay - don't know which, I have to do some tests.  And I don't know whether to create something realistic or something symbolic (like the traditional African faces that I've been looking at).  I'm leaning towards the latter partly because it gives the doll more meaning, and partly because I then don't have to worry about not getting it 'right'!

And does she need clothes?  I wasn't thinking of them originally, but maybe a skirt of some fashion might break it up a bit??

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Anonymous said...

Hi! When you asked about my wrapped cat doll...I could not send you a pic as I don't have your e-mail. Now that I see what you mean by "wrapped"...mine is not..or at least, they are totally different. I love yours, by the way. You are wrapping a wire armature, right?
I like what you have! Mai-Liis